The Beast Legion....COMING SOON

Very soon I will be revealing what Beast Legion really is....So keep checking to find out more about it. But here are a few teasers.

Redesigns - Set 1

As most og the He-man.orgers might be aware I rarely miss the opportunity to enter the redesign Challenges. It's one of the things about the site I love the most. So many Awesome renditions of one character. Heres the first set of redesigns I wish to share with you guys & gals.




Fang Man


More pics...

Well heres a BlackStar commission I did 4 days back.
I'm glad the buyer was pleased with what he got & I
hope to get more soon.

This is another picture I did for a He-man.org fan
project quite a while back called New Legacy. I
had alot of fun with this one & its one of my favourites.


Fancomic Time:' Of Flesh & Metal'

Here's a comic I did based on my custom character Copperhead.
It's not part of the official MOTU cannon in anyway.


Animated Gifs

Well heres a few Animated Gifs I've done over the years. These are all Masters of the Universe characters. Enjoy!!


A few Custom pics

To start off things here are a few custom characters I made last year.

The Liger

This is a custom Transformer I did for a friend of mine. This is its alt mode, I'll post the robot mode soon.


This is a TF character I did for another friend of mine. He is
supposed to be the next Decepticon ruler after Megatron.


This has to be one of my proudest creations yet. He is based off
the new Masters of the Universe toyline, A cyborg Snakeman. He
also won the 2nd Annual Fan based character contest in a tie & as a
result will be brought into 3D form by the Thomas Tolman, one of the
the most Talented sculptors I know. I'll haave more links & pics of
him later.

Ultimate Jazz

This here is a TF character which I created for myself, to take part
in the Wazone RPG at www.tfarchive.org .


My art Blog!

Well since blogging has become so popular these days. I thought of taking a try at in. In the coming days , I'll post new pictures I've been working on & I hope you enjoy them.