Indian Comic Fandom Awards 2016

So This Happened Last week! :D :D 

Thanks a ton to everyone for supporting my through this.. Please don't forget to follow me on the following links for my latest art...






Patreon Rewards for September

Yeah yeah, I know it's been ages since I updated the blog. Facebook has become the primary place where i upload my work first so you can always follow me there as well as on Deviantart

With my full time job & my several freelance projects it becomes really hard to stay up-to-date with updating stuff on the web. Still I'll try to update this blog from time to time. Last year I started my very own Patreon campaign & I'm happy to announce that it crossed the $100 mark last month thanks to some very generous fans of both my art & my webcomic. The money generated from this campaign will initially be used to help me promote my comic The Beast Legion to a wider audience across the web as well as hosting the site.

If you enjoy my art, please do consider contributing at www.patreon.com/jazylh . The rewards & stretch goals are all mentioned in the link so do give it a read.

So heres two of this months Patreon Exclusive Illustrations. Hi-rez versions will be sent to all $1+ backers & psds to backers abovc $5/month. If you are an artsist you'll be able to freely switch through the layers as well as color the line art in your own style. Since the Mattycollector Thundercats Classic line up was releasing this month I thought it would be an apt theme for tthis month. So here Lion-O & Mum-Ra! Enjoy!