Absolutely loved the way Kishimoto handled Kabuito throughout the series. Kabuto always had the potential to be a great character & I felt he was used to the fullest in the latest Chapters. Here's a littler fan art dedicated to the guy.


Naruto Fan Animation: Kage's Speech & Naruto v/s Madara

So my Naruto Fan video is about to reach over 500k views. It's probably one of my first vids to make it this big. I know there re some love/hate comments but i guess that's part of being an animator. Enjoy it, if you haven't already.


These are 2 OCs that I decided to draw at the drop of a hat. started with the good guy & when I was done I just had to create ab antagonist for him. Ironically though, I usually work the other way round.  Still hope you enjoy these. :) I really don't have any story planned for these but I'm sure something will come up in due time. 


Facebook OC

So I have once again decided to update my blog. Not sure how frequent it will be but i will try to keep posting the latest here. Starting off with this pic...

What is it? She is an OC made up of impulse fan reactions on FB. Every part of her was decided by a friend/fan on Facebook & this was the combined result of their input. You can find the thread on my FB profile at www.facebook.com/jazylh