The Problem with Power

Well this is a sort of cover art I coked up for the MOTU episode problem wuith power. It's simply my vision of a supposed cover. I know I'm far from mastering the Filmation style but I hope you like it.


Caught between a rock & Copperhead!

It's been long since I posted the last pic. well the following pic was just something I did when the staction contest was going on. Zodak finds himself in a very tight spot as he is led into an ambush by King Hsss & faces Copperhead on the other end. I decided to use the MYP blue shading just for fun & imo it worked quite well. The size got a bit out of place though. Anyway heres leaving it to you to decide the outcome of this little confrontation. ;)


Beast Legion Bios: The Doppelganger

The Doppelganger

The Doppelganger is perhaps the Shadow Legions most prized warrior. Haveing the ability to manipulate the form of any one he chooses, he is a great threat to the Defenders of Light & their quest. His ability to transform requires no special armor. Nobody has actually seen his true Beast form although it wil be shown later during season 2.


"The Tree of Woe"

This is a pic I did for the "Practice Makes Perfect" Art Jam we have going. The concept was to focus on expressions in the most natural way. I can't say I nailed it but i was quite satisfied with the final pic. Took me about 20 mins to do the pencils & 45 min to color. I chose a marshlnd as the background for this pic to indicate that the Tree was all alone in the center of the Marshes.


"Brute Force"

Well this a Beast Legion Extra character that will appear in episode 3. This brute is actually one from dozens of such creatures. Ii stuck to a simple yet chunky design. I kinda had a Horse in my head & I decided to design them as a mix of a monster + a horse + a gorilla & heres what I had. I tried a variety of different colors, but green stood out the best. Looking forward to what you think.

I wish I could post the scripts online, but I can't until the results of the competition I enter are out. Anyway here he is.


Violence is Kratos!

Well it's my first feeble attempt at the God of War, Kratos. Definitley not a good peice of work, but I do plan on practicing more of him. So look out for more. The pic definitly has alot of anatomy issues but I still thought of sharing it.


Beast Legion Bios: Tuskas

Cheif Tuskas

Tuskas is the ruler of the Iceland of the north. His village lies secluded in the thick snow regions. Although at first he is a bit reluctant to join the Defenders of Light, he realizes the Shadow legions plan to acquire the Beast armors.

Being the oldest member of their group, he often provides Sound advice & strategies which prove of great use. He has the power to turn liquid into Ice. Standing 6 feet 6 inches tall, He’s a force to be reckoned with in battle & is highly trained. He already has control of his Beast armor when Xeus & gang find him during their search for the armor.

Tuskas’ Beast mode is a giant Walrus, which is equally fast on both land & water. Its attack includes the Walrus Dash & a Giant slam.