A collab commission done between me & my big bro, Jamshyd. Thundercats & MOTU V/s Alien/Predator crossover... Enjoy...


He-man & Skeletor Old Commission work

I thought I had lost this file. This was a really old MOTU commission done in 2008-9 I think. If I'm not mistaken it was based off a Batman v/s Superman cover. Thought I'd share it...


Ramayan Illustration from 2008

This was done in 2008 when I just started learning Pshop. It's been a while since I shared it. My take on one of the most amazing Mythological tales of all time.... The Ramayana. Maybe I should redo this piece sometime... Lord Ram V/s the demon King,. Ravana...


Zombie He-man on the loose...

Zombie He-man anyone?... anyone? I guess not. It's not my proudest piece of work but i still hope you enjoy it... Done in 2011 as a commission.


Check out the latest Beast Legion page my friends... http://www.thebeastlegion.com/comic/issue-10-page-46-strange-happenings/#.VCA8D_mSySo

Pytho & Goras Character designs

More Repton redesign... done as commissions in early 2014... Hope you digs..



Character Designs Round 2

Here's a few characters I was commissioned to do in late 2013.





Character Designs Round 1

These are but a few character Designs from 2013... Plenty more to follow...