Beast Legion taken one step ahead!

Well it's time I announce this. Animax, the number 1, Anime channel is holding a Pan Asia Competition & fortunately for me this time, India is on the list. The competition allows participants to enter a script, novel or comic in a 30 min episode format. It can be the continuation of an existing Anime or a brand new concept. The winner gets his script animated by Aniplex, the maakers of FullMetal Alchemist, plus a grand prize of $18,00,00.

Ironically, this contest started only a few weeks after I started drawing the Beast Legion & I kinda see it as a message from above. So I wasted no time & got to writing the first episode & ended p writing 5 . Just sent the scripts along with the character designs yesterday & heres hoping something comes out of it. I'll keep you guys informed as more updates are available, so stay tuned.


J.Ho said...

I would love to see Beast Legion animated--best of luck to you!

2-bad said...

Thanks alot for the luck,my friend. I hope it gets animated too.

Anonymous said...

Galvatron again: I wish u the best 2bad may the force be with u.

Anonymous said...


You took a lot of time to do this didnt you??
Man..some of that art...
Its awesome..
Best of luck in the comp..

PS..Im part of the Animax SA forum..

Asura said...

That is awesome, I am hoping you win, that would be beyond belief!!!