Chronicles of the Forgotten Realm- Staction Intro

Most of you from He-man.org have already seen this, but I haven't posted it on the blog yet. This 3 months to make & i finished it earlier in 2009. There is an Amazingcontest we have at He-man.org held by the ever so talented Thomas Tolman http://www.dinnertablecreations.tolmanbros.com . Every year the wining character design gets transformed into a staction figure. Tom's been hosting this for 5 straight years & I thought I'd contribute a little. Plus the Animator in me just couldn't wait to give life to some off these Awesome characters. Remember they are not my characters( only 2 are) they were created by various .orgers & are either semi finalists of last year & winners of previous years. So without further adue. Here we go!

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