The Matriarch kicks Serious BUTT!!

Heres a little art trade I did with the ever Awesome & fun loving Supermunkyboy (Dylan) from He-man.org. His Matriarch character is one of the best of his creations & I just loved working on the pic. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to draw here, Dyl.


She has the Powah...

Well I've been practicing a lot of female characters & anatomy in general for an upcoming project so I decided to do a little redesign of my favourite female hero of all time, The Princess of Power, She-Ra. More to come so watch this space. :)

Disclaimer: She-Ra & all related characters belong to Mattel.

Last Elf Villains : Davrox & Six Skin

Davrox the Heartless from the Steel Tribe & Six Skin the crafty. Two of the Holy 10 in my Last Elf concept world.

All characters belong to me, Jazyl Homavazir.


Last Elf Villains Line-up

These are custom created villains, from my latest coincept, Valiant, The Last Elf. It's still just a concept tho & more pics still to come!


gift art: Avatar Aang fights Ozai

This was a gift art created for a person as part of the DA Secret Santa project & apparently is also my first 'Avatar the Last Airbender' fan art. Tried a slightly different take on coloring this time. Enjoy. :)


Gatchagrey's Quadian Line-up

Just a month ago my good friend Eugene Powella a.k.a gatchagrey
( www.gatchagrey.deviantart.com ) commissioned me to do a line up of his MOTU Quadian(Cat People) characters. These were all alot of fun to work on & I hope you enjoy them. All characters belong solely to Eugene Powella.


Chronicles of the Forgotten Realm- Staction Intro

Most of you from He-man.org have already seen this, but I haven't posted it on the blog yet. This 3 months to make & i finished it earlier in 2009. There is an Amazingcontest we have at He-man.org held by the ever so talented Thomas Tolman http://www.dinnertablecreations.tolmanbros.com . Every year the wining character design gets transformed into a staction figure. Tom's been hosting this for 5 straight years & I thought I'd contribute a little. Plus the Animator in me just couldn't wait to give life to some off these Awesome characters. Remember they are not my characters( only 2 are) they were created by various .orgers & are either semi finalists of last year & winners of previous years. So without further adue. Here we go!

An Actual Update! After a year. :P Ben 10 Aliens...

First I'm going to hide behind a rock to avoid anyone throwing stones at me. Actually I deserve it for not updating my blog for over a year. :P It's just that things have been really up & down between learning 3d, working on my own stuff & family life. And I upload most of my pics on DA than my blog which you can always visit at www.jazylh.deviantart.com . It's a routine I hopefully plan to change. any way you guys deserve a major update so heres a fe Ben 10 pics done back in 2009. Hope you like & stay tuned cause theres some big news on the horizon. Cya in a while!