Exciting July...

Now this week was Super Exciting. So many things I have to share.

First of my comic The Beast Legion, not only reached 2 years but also 300 pages. I'm very proud that I've managed to keep the comic going solo & it's not about to change. So in order to celebrate this, I created a very special blog entry not just for my readers but for upcoming web comic artists in general. I ave simple shared my experiences & setbacks that I faced during these roller coaster two years. The entire article can be read here.


I hope you find it useful. BL is concept that is very important to me so if you enjoy it in any way, feel free to spread the word.

Moving on , On Friday I finally decided to get the long awaited Wacom Intuos 5 tablet & I think it's the best decision I've ever made. The whole experience of working with it is Fantastic. Not only does it far surpass the Intuos 3 but also has s touch mechanism which makes zooming/rotating piece of cake.

Here's me holding it proudly.

And here the very first detailed character sketch I did with it completely in Photoshop. enjoy the character. :)

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