Beast Legion Bios: Tuskas

Cheif Tuskas

Tuskas is the ruler of the Iceland of the north. His village lies secluded in the thick snow regions. Although at first he is a bit reluctant to join the Defenders of Light, he realizes the Shadow legions plan to acquire the Beast armors.

Being the oldest member of their group, he often provides Sound advice & strategies which prove of great use. He has the power to turn liquid into Ice. Standing 6 feet 6 inches tall, He’s a force to be reckoned with in battle & is highly trained. He already has control of his Beast armor when Xeus & gang find him during their search for the armor.

Tuskas’ Beast mode is a giant Walrus, which is equally fast on both land & water. Its attack includes the Walrus Dash & a Giant slam.


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy galvatron here: Tuskas looks great buddy by the way i found exellent choice the name u gave him

2-bad said...

Thanks Galvy. Glad you like it.