Good news comes with Bad news!!

Ah well I'll start with the good news...I graduated last Wednesday scoring 79.3% & acquired my Bsc I.T degree. One of the happiest days of my life. Things were great.

Well yesterday, the results for the Animax Pan Asia competition were announced & unfortunately The Beast Legion didn't quite make it to the finals. I got to agree I was dissappointed as I had a little hope. Anyway this has only motivated me to write a new much better script for it the next time the competition is out. The only drawback being that it may not be animated by A1 Pictures. so I guess better luck next time.

I'll have the first part of the first chapter posted here on my blog itself in a few minutes.

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Super-Munkyboy said...

Aw dude, thast pants on the animation front :( I've really been enjoying them.

When time permits, I'd love to do some fan art of them.

Congrats onyour grade, well deserved I'm sure!!!