Olympus Revisited

Well First of all, I'd like to inform you that I've started my Deviantart account a month back. You can visit it at www.jazylh.deviantart.com .

Next up inline, Here a concept I got a few weeks back. It's just my redesigns of the ancient Greek gods with a bit of a 'Modern' feel to it. Each have their own weapons & I'm seeing this from a toy line perpective.


JafariStew said...

Great design 2-bad, I particularly like your take on Hades...
My only crit is with Aphrodite's breasts, the cleavage line & the actual breasts look like they are seperate, almost like she has 4 instead of 2.
But other than that great project & reinterpratation!

Anonymous said...

Galvatron here: I like the most redesigns zeus and hades are my favorites.

I like apollo but the only problem on him is that apollo has not bear in his face other than that is ok as for afrodite hm i think u can done better buddy.

2-bad said...

JS: LOL now you know why I try to avoid drawing women. But I agree. I'm trying to practice female natomy these past few days. Glad you liked Hades, he's my fave too.

Thanks Galvy. I wanted to leave Appollos face Mysterious. thats why I tried to cover it.

Asura said...

Hey, those are very cool. If a toyline came out of those characters, I'd buy it! The Hades especially is awesome, and I like the Aphrodite, a lot, too.

Ric said...

Great designs Jaz!

I find this theme especially fun.