Beast Legion Bio : Stampede

Mighty General of the Shadow Legion

Stampede is the one who leads the Shadow Legion into Battle at the will of Dragos. Extremely loyal to his Master, Stampede is ever willing to put his life to danger to protect Dragos. Possesing Awesome strength, the demon is said to have defeated a battalion of 200 soldiers single handedly. Apart from raw power, Stampede has a great intellect as he plans verious strategies to bring down his opponents.
Stampede transforms into a Wooly mamoth, & can pass a wave so powerful it can divide the earth with his giant stomp.


Asura said...
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Asura said...

Looks fanastic, 2-Bad! I really like the Beast Legion and Shadow Legion so far! I can't wait to see more!

J.Ho said...

mastadon + ram horns = awesome

i love how you often use an animal-head motif on the chest--it's a trick that a lot of people use in costume design, but something about the way you do it really works for me, like on this design (or your plundor and entrapta redesigns).