Character Bio : Xeus

Gaurdian of the Light

Xeus is the son of King Vodan, the fifth in the reign of Kings. After the Shadow Legion attacked on its return, Vodan made sure that the young Prince escaped safely as only he can defeat Dragos & his army as per the Prophecy.

After 7 years of training, Xeus returns to fight against the Evil forces of Dragos. Using his Sword of Light & the magical claw , Xeus transforms into a gaurdian Beast with the power to destroy anything with his Awesome roar & his razor sharp claws. He alone has the power to end the Evil Tyranny of the Demon Wizard. But is it Enough?

1 comment:

J.Ho said...

one tiny crit-- on xeus's beast form, between his left leg and tail, i think there are some spots that should show the green background pattern instead of white.

other than that, great job as always... love that tiger face on his chestplate.