Character Bio :Lord Dragos

Lord Dragos
Evil Wizard King & Master of the Shadow Legion

Although his orgin is unclear, it has been said had Dragos is the one who has traveled through the Underworld & lived. His immense Magical power along with his combat skills made him one of the greatest of Evils. Dragos commands the Shadow Legion, an army of terrifying power along with some of his most deadly warriors. Having learned the Secrets of the Guardian Bests Dros cast himself a chest armor that allows him to transform into the lages most powerful beast , The Saphire Dragon of Darkness.
However with the power of the sacred stones the two powerful wizards managed to banish Dragos back to a parrallel dimension known as the Hell hole. With Dragos banished, His warriors turned to stone & were left secluded in Dragos' Castle situated in the Blood Cliffs, a region of untold danger. But due to a pair of greedy theives, Dragos once again returned to gain revenge on those who imprisoned him & this tame finish off what he once stated...ruling the entire land.

More on Dragos will be posted as & when I post my fic. So here is Dragos.


J.Ho said...

great colors... i really like his dragon form--the insectile forelimbs make it very unique.

Brittnee said...

This is great info to know.