'The Beast Legion' is here!

If you're wondering what 'The Beast Legion' actually is , wait no further. 'Beast legion' is a character line concept that came to my mind 5 weeks back & after that I just had to start developing the character designs for this. It is MOTU inspired in alot of ways, but the concept is completely different.

The concept is based in a mystical land of peace & prosperity until the day an Evil Force know as the Shadow legion attacked under the Evil leadership of the Wizard Dragos, a being of immense magical power. In order to retaliate against Dragos' attacks the ancient wizards created mystical armors that allowed the person who wore itto transform into a mystical Guardian Beast. With these powers the forces of good stood a chance , until a defected ancient gave Dragos the secrets to make the armors for his evil minions as well. After years of struggle, the forces of good managed to banish Dragos to a parrellel universe known as the Hell Hole.

But now Dragos seeks to return & rule the land , & only a guardian with the Royal bloodline can defeat the forcess of Darkness, as per the Prophecy.

I'll definitly Have more story conceps up later, but I'll make it a point to post a new character design per day, which I hope you guys will enjoy. Let me know what you think so far.

But wait... I'm not going to let you guys go empty handed so here's a special Beast Legion 800x600 Wallpaper . Character designs & bios are soon to follow, so keep looking out. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jazz, wow, really fantastic picture. I hope to see more of "The Beast Legion" soon.

Greetings from an "old" YIM-Friend
Sebastian T.

Andrew Cramer said...

Nice work dude! Cool to see ya bloggin' too! ;)

2-bad said...

Hey Sebastian, good to see you buddy. My YIM doesnt respond anymore. i've tried everything I could.

Andrew,buddy, i'm going to have a certain pic up here tat you'll be really anxious to see. It only needs to be colored. ;)

Steve said...

You sure developed a lot in 5 weeks, Jazz. The whole concept and the wallpaper is nothing short of amazing! =)

Ric said...

Very excellent! I quite enjoy the concept and I think your art is really developing.

Keep up the great work and I'll be sure to stop in more frequently :)

J.Ho said...

very cool--are you going to make "beast legion" into a comic book?