Beast Legion Bios: Poka


The sole survior of the Krios tribe, inhabitants of the forests of Greenak, now known as the Tomb of the giant, Poka is a 14 year old who's dream is to become a Hero one day. As to how he is the sole survivor will be exlained when i releae episodes. Since he is the last survivor of his tribe, he is given the the Shell of thorny Spines , a back armor that allows him to transform into a Hedgehog-like Gaurdian Beast. His weapon includes a specially crafted Krios boomerang that multiplies when thrown.

The problem is Poka hasn't got the experience to use it which often creates a number of blunders usually getting him into trouble. His constant sneezing, allows his best form to trigger on & off & throw his spikes randomly. But all in all., Poka posseses goodness & often provides a bit of humor in the lives of our heroes.

As to why he is named the Giant killer, I assure you time will tell.


J.Ho said...

i love the beast form--the chunky hands and feet, and the brooding eyes give him a lot of character... the human form is good too, but the chest plate looks a little bit... feminine, like a bra. maybe if it wasn't so rounded on the bottom?

2-bad said...

I really appreciate the crit J. I agree completely with the armor looking femine because of it being rounded. I'll make sure to change that in the upcoming pics of Poka.

Theres alot of characters in my mind I gotta get out on paper, but I some hw have to associate them with the episode scripts I've planned for this.