Beast Legion Bios: Master Surya & Brilight

Its been some time since I updated this blog. So to make up for the lost time here two best Legion characters.


Brilight is a gentle creature & is refered to as the 'Light Gaurdian'. But when time comes he can be as ferrocious as ever. Brilight emit & powerful ray of light from its bdyl which can instantly vaporize Shadow Legion Minins & hence is impervious to their attacks. It helps the heroes to sniff out the different Best armors the come their way .

Master Surya

As short & frail as he may look, Master Surya is one of the most powerful wizards in Lithopia & the only remaining survivor of the 'Union of Wizards'. It was he along with his apprentice who tricked Dragos & sealed him in the Hell Hole void. Rescuing Xeus, Doku trians him in the art of battle to fight Dragos & hiss minions. Doku uses the wing on his back as a mode of transport that allows him to maneuver out of the toughest situations. he is also the owner of Brilight.

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