Don't mess with the Man of Steel...

...Darkseid experienced it first hand. This is the first phase of a Superman commission I'm working on for a guy in Germany. Now that he's approved it, I'll be coloring the peice soon. He was good enough to let me choose a style of my own, so I decided on mixing a bit of the animated series look with my own style. This is my very FIRST Superman pic & i was really excited 'cause he liked it in the first draft. He was also kind enough to allow me to post it. Now it's upto you to decide whether you like it.
I'll have the colored pic posted soon. Sorry I can't provide a larger image.
Also I will be putting up the first character profile of my first 'Beast Legion' characters so keep an eye out.


J.Ho said...

looking good man--the stylized statue in the BG is a nice touch!

-bootleg from he-man.org

2-bad said...

Hey buddy. Glad you like it. I also hope you like the new Beast Legion line I'm working on.