Beast Legion Bios : Levaitha


The Evil Levaitha has an iron grip over the Sea of Dregnaut. Imprisoning all the the other undersea dwellers of Dregnaut, Levaitha forces them to work for her or suffer the consequences. Serving the Shadow Legion, Levaitha would never miss an opportunity to attack Xeus & his comrades whenever they cross the Dregnaut sea.

Transforming into a giant undersea Eel-like creature Levaitha can pass electric surges, that stun her opponents & allow her to move in for the kill.


Asura said...

Oh, that's awesome! I could tell from your group portrait that she was a water character, with the mermaid tail and all, but that beast form is awesome! Like an tylosaur or kronosaur (prehistoric marine reptiles)

J.Ho said...

dude, you're really good at putting in little touches that go a long way to making these characters very unique. in this case i'm looking at the insect-like limkbs on leviatha's beast form and the extra eyes. awesome.

oh and in case i didn't mention it, i like the background treatments that you've been giving your beast legion pics.

2-bad said...

Thank you so much for the feedback guys. Levaitha here well be one o the important bad guys of the series. She's not totally restricted to water however he Best form powers of elecricity is. The reson I gave her beast form the insect like limbs is to help her maneuver on the land.

Thank you for yur interest in my blog.