Beast Legion Bios: Master Surya & Brilight

Its been some time since I updated this blog. So to make up for the lost time here two best Legion characters.


Brilight is a gentle creature & is refered to as the 'Light Gaurdian'. But when time comes he can be as ferrocious as ever. Brilight emit & powerful ray of light from its bdyl which can instantly vaporize Shadow Legion Minins & hence is impervious to their attacks. It helps the heroes to sniff out the different Best armors the come their way .

Master Surya

As short & frail as he may look, Master Surya is one of the most powerful wizards in Lithopia & the only remaining survivor of the 'Union of Wizards'. It was he along with his apprentice who tricked Dragos & sealed him in the Hell Hole void. Rescuing Xeus, Doku trians him in the art of battle to fight Dragos & hiss minions. Doku uses the wing on his back as a mode of transport that allows him to maneuver out of the toughest situations. he is also the owner of Brilight.


A Killer Appetite!

It's time I took at try at another FMA character. This time, its the ever hungry Homunculi, Gluttony. He's one of the characters that really sparked my interest in the series. He looks so harmless , yet when time comes he can be as ruthless as ever. So here's my try at revealing Gluttony's personality. Hope you enjoy it!!


Beast Legion Bio : Armoured Minion

Armoured Minion

These are Shadow legion Soldiers I have planned for the latter half of the series. These brutes are slower but more stronger & deadly then the regular Shadow legion minions. Their stell bdies make them impervious to swords stabs . Their weapon includes Two vertically rotating arm blades, thats lice any object that comes their way.


Beast Legion Bio : Tazmonak


Tazmonak is an evil bounty hunter, who'll do anything for the right price. However due to an attempt of betraying Dragos, Tazmonak is now forced to serve the Shadow legion, under Dragos' spell.

Tazmonak's Beast form, a Tazmanian Devil, looks small, but his agility & speed is incomparable. Once in his beast mode he goes on a viscious rampage against his opponents till he pics them.


Dragon Blasted!

I have no idea when I had done this version of Dragon Blaster Skeletor. Needless to say it a very old peice i had done using MS Paint.


Beast Legion Bios: Poka


The sole survior of the Krios tribe, inhabitants of the forests of Greenak, now known as the Tomb of the giant, Poka is a 14 year old who's dream is to become a Hero one day. As to how he is the sole survivor will be exlained when i releae episodes. Since he is the last survivor of his tribe, he is given the the Shell of thorny Spines , a back armor that allows him to transform into a Hedgehog-like Gaurdian Beast. His weapon includes a specially crafted Krios boomerang that multiplies when thrown.

The problem is Poka hasn't got the experience to use it which often creates a number of blunders usually getting him into trouble. His constant sneezing, allows his best form to trigger on & off & throw his spikes randomly. But all in all., Poka posseses goodness & often provides a bit of humor in the lives of our heroes.

As to why he is named the Giant killer, I assure you time will tell.


Alfonse Elric

Been experimenting with other characters lately & heres Alfonse Elric from FMA, which to me is one of the best Anime shows out there. This is only part of a larger pic im working on.


A Clash of Arms!

Yup, thats right. Here's a redesigned version for a classic Masters of the Universe comic, not very long ago for one of the challenges. Clash of arms has always been one of my favourite mini stories & the cover was really dynamic IMO.



Beast Legion Bios : Levaitha


The Evil Levaitha has an iron grip over the Sea of Dregnaut. Imprisoning all the the other undersea dwellers of Dregnaut, Levaitha forces them to work for her or suffer the consequences. Serving the Shadow Legion, Levaitha would never miss an opportunity to attack Xeus & his comrades whenever they cross the Dregnaut sea.

Transforming into a giant undersea Eel-like creature Levaitha can pass electric surges, that stun her opponents & allow her to move in for the kill.


MOTU Redesigns: Set 3

Once, again, heres a set of 3 characters I did for the redesign challenge.





Beast Legion bio: Shadow Legion Minion

Shadow Legion Minion

This is the for a basic Shadow legion soldier. They can actually transform into shadows & hop between shadows & hence constantly spy on all that happens . They are actually created from shadow. However they cannot survive in bright light which gives the good guys th upper hand. But these fierce creatures are known for their deadly claw strikes & camaflouge.


Armed & ready!

Here's a pic of one of my all time favourite MOTU characters, Duncan ( aka Man-at-Arms). I did this back in '03, for one of the annual fan projects we have over at He-Man.org forums co-ordinated by the one & only Ric Nicholls . I always have fun with these.


Beast Legion Chracter Bio: Fyre


Fyre is a young woman & the sole survivor of her tribe. After the Shadow Legion invaded the world for a second time, her people began to fight against the growing Evil but they did not prevail. Fyre still lives with the guilt of seeing her parents die in front of her when she was young & thus protects the other villages from Dragos' wrath in a disguised form.

Now allied with Xeus, Fyre is on a path to set things right & avenge her parents death. She posseses a band she wears on her right arm, given by her mother,which allows her to transform into a Pheonix, I bird said to be made from Fyre.

MOTU Redesigns: Set 2

Heres the next set of MOTU redesigns i did for the He-man.org redesign challenge.


HORDE Invaders

A set of regular Horde Scouts seen in the episode 'Origin of the Sorceress'. This is
one of the challenges that I had won.

He's a villian from the New Adventures of He-man.


Beast Legion Bio : Stampede

Mighty General of the Shadow Legion

Stampede is the one who leads the Shadow Legion into Battle at the will of Dragos. Extremely loyal to his Master, Stampede is ever willing to put his life to danger to protect Dragos. Possesing Awesome strength, the demon is said to have defeated a battalion of 200 soldiers single handedly. Apart from raw power, Stampede has a great intellect as he plans verious strategies to bring down his opponents.
Stampede transforms into a Wooly mamoth, & can pass a wave so powerful it can divide the earth with his giant stomp.


Superman commission Colored

Well , i finally finished coloring the picture & sent it accross to the commisioner. Here you go.


Beast Legion Locations

Tower of the Dark Flame

The residence of the Evil Wizard Dragos. This abomination of a structure holds all of Dragos' dark secrets & its Gaurdian rock Dragon comes to Life when The Fortress is under threat. Situated in the Blood feilds of Despair, the tower is extremely hard to access. But before reaching it Drago's opponents must cross the dangerous Cursed Woods, a region through which none have returned except the Shadow legion.


Character Bio : Xeus

Gaurdian of the Light

Xeus is the son of King Vodan, the fifth in the reign of Kings. After the Shadow Legion attacked on its return, Vodan made sure that the young Prince escaped safely as only he can defeat Dragos & his army as per the Prophecy.

After 7 years of training, Xeus returns to fight against the Evil forces of Dragos. Using his Sword of Light & the magical claw , Xeus transforms into a gaurdian Beast with the power to destroy anything with his Awesome roar & his razor sharp claws. He alone has the power to end the Evil Tyranny of the Demon Wizard. But is it Enough?


Character Bio :Lord Dragos

Lord Dragos
Evil Wizard King & Master of the Shadow Legion

Although his orgin is unclear, it has been said had Dragos is the one who has traveled through the Underworld & lived. His immense Magical power along with his combat skills made him one of the greatest of Evils. Dragos commands the Shadow Legion, an army of terrifying power along with some of his most deadly warriors. Having learned the Secrets of the Guardian Bests Dros cast himself a chest armor that allows him to transform into the lages most powerful beast , The Saphire Dragon of Darkness.
However with the power of the sacred stones the two powerful wizards managed to banish Dragos back to a parrallel dimension known as the Hell hole. With Dragos banished, His warriors turned to stone & were left secluded in Dragos' Castle situated in the Blood Cliffs, a region of untold danger. But due to a pair of greedy theives, Dragos once again returned to gain revenge on those who imprisoned him & this tame finish off what he once stated...ruling the entire land.

More on Dragos will be posted as & when I post my fic. So here is Dragos.

Don't mess with the Man of Steel...

...Darkseid experienced it first hand. This is the first phase of a Superman commission I'm working on for a guy in Germany. Now that he's approved it, I'll be coloring the peice soon. He was good enough to let me choose a style of my own, so I decided on mixing a bit of the animated series look with my own style. This is my very FIRST Superman pic & i was really excited 'cause he liked it in the first draft. He was also kind enough to allow me to post it. Now it's upto you to decide whether you like it.
I'll have the colored pic posted soon. Sorry I can't provide a larger image.
Also I will be putting up the first character profile of my first 'Beast Legion' characters so keep an eye out.


'The Beast Legion' is here!

If you're wondering what 'The Beast Legion' actually is , wait no further. 'Beast legion' is a character line concept that came to my mind 5 weeks back & after that I just had to start developing the character designs for this. It is MOTU inspired in alot of ways, but the concept is completely different.

The concept is based in a mystical land of peace & prosperity until the day an Evil Force know as the Shadow legion attacked under the Evil leadership of the Wizard Dragos, a being of immense magical power. In order to retaliate against Dragos' attacks the ancient wizards created mystical armors that allowed the person who wore itto transform into a mystical Guardian Beast. With these powers the forces of good stood a chance , until a defected ancient gave Dragos the secrets to make the armors for his evil minions as well. After years of struggle, the forces of good managed to banish Dragos to a parrellel universe known as the Hell Hole.

But now Dragos seeks to return & rule the land , & only a guardian with the Royal bloodline can defeat the forcess of Darkness, as per the Prophecy.

I'll definitly Have more story conceps up later, but I'll make it a point to post a new character design per day, which I hope you guys will enjoy. Let me know what you think so far.

But wait... I'm not going to let you guys go empty handed so here's a special Beast Legion 800x600 Wallpaper . Character designs & bios are soon to follow, so keep looking out. Cheers.

Snakes Alive!!

Well not really.... but I gotta catch up on the days I've missed so here are some Snakemen concepts I had doodled in MS Piant some 3 years back. Not best works now, but I hope you enjoy.